Executive Director

Mr. Cheong Yee Kiong, aged 54, is a professionally qualified accountant and a member of the Malaysian Institute
of Accountants. He completed his professional studies at the Tunku Abdul Rahman College, graduating with a
Diploma in Commerce (Management Accounting) in 1984 and completing the examinations of the Chartered
Institute of Management Accountants.

He joined SYF in early 2003 as Financial Controller and eventually assumed the positions of Director of Finance
and Company Secretary before joining the board of directors on 18 November 2008. During his career, he had
gained experience in corporate and financial matters as financial controller with two other locally listed companies
involved in construction and property development. Apart from that, he had also been a dealer’s representative in
the stockbroking industry.

He is a member of the Risk Committee of the Company.
He is a shareholder of the Company with a direct shareholding of 680,000 ordinary shares of RM0.25 each in the
Company together with 340,000 warrants, besides his entitlement under the ESOS. He has no interest in the shares
of the subsidiaries of the Company.

He has no family relationship with any other director and/or major shareholder of the Company, neither has he
entered into any transaction which has a conflict of interest with the Company nor any convictions for any offences
within the past ten years.