Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Non-Independent/Executive, Malaysian

Dato’ Sri Ng Ah Chai, aged 53, was appointed to the Board on 1 February 2001 and assumed the post of Group
Managing Director of the Company on 4 August 2003. On 28 September 2005, he was re-designated as Executive
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

His involvement in the timber trade began in 1985 when he started a saw milling business on a partnership basis.
In 1991, he expanded his business into manufacturing tropical wood furniture for the local market. Ceasing the saw
milling business in 1993, he co-founded Seng Yip Furniture Sdn Bhd (“Seng Yip”) which started as a kiln drying and
timber processing business. With his vast experience and leadership skill, Seng Yip expanded into manufacturing
furniture components and semi-finished parts in 1995. Subsequently in 1998, he ventured into finished rubber
wood furniture.

He is the Chairman of the ESOS Committee and Risk Committee of the Company.
He is a substantial shareholder of the Company with a direct shareholding of 315,276,200 ordinary shares of
RM0.25 each in the Company together with 157,638,100 warrants, besides his entitlement under the ESOS. He has
no interest in the shares of the subsidiaries of the Company.

He has no family relationship with any other director and/or substantial shareholder of the Company or any
convictions for any offences within the past ten years. He is a major shareholder of Kiara Susila Sdn Bhd, which
is jointly developing two property development projects with SYF Development Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsubsidiary
of the Company. As such, he is a related party interested in the said transaction.
Apart from the said joint-venture, he has not entered into any other transaction which has a conflict of interest with
the Company.